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Fabrikant uit United Kingdom.

Hieronder een beetje info gevonden op internet:

 "I have a Morris Minor which had a caravan conversion added to it by a  coachbuilder called L & A Fisher Ltd, Bagshot, Surrey, around 1970.  I would be interested if anyone remembers this or knows any info on the  comapny as I am trying to trace the car's history."

Wendy tells us: "I have a brochure from Fisher Holivan Ltd which was  Fisher Caravans built in Hull. This was their sales office and my  husband delivered their mail from 1968 and he thought they were built  there.
Ian provides an authorative answer "L & A Fisher were my father Alec and his brother Les. Unfortunately they both passed away many years  ago. I do have some old photos that were taken of their range of vans,  but I don't remember seeing any pictures of Tim's conversion. The  chassis work would have been done at Weybridge, and the coachworks at  Bagshot. They sold the business in 1975 and the factories closed soon  after. The new owners then moved up to Hull."

Peter writes : "I have recently acquired a Caravette conversion carried  out by L A Fisher of Bagshot. Can anyone supply me pictures of the  premises or ideally any of the vehicles built by L A Fisher. Could Tim  provide a photo of his conversion so that it can be compared to mine."  Peter's vehicle is the red and white one shown here. Unfortunately I  cannot contact Tim as he has changed his email address and I do not  know his new one.

From Gordon Clarke, now living in Australia "I worked at L&A Fisher coachbuilders in 1962.  We built the chassis, caravans and furniture at the same premisis. Later on the chassis building was sub let."

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